Mimosa’s doors opened in 2001, welcoming everyone, no matter what skill level, to experience the fun of painting your own pottery. The studio is a place where both kids and adults discover the joy and pride of painting something all their own. Pottery, paint, instruction, and friendly personal attention is provided.

Come see our wide range of projects — ceramic tile coasters, picture frames, coffee mugs, plates, bowls, pet dishes, piggy banks, vases, bird feeders, wall murals and more!

“Mimosa Studios is named in memory of my grandmother, Jessie Collins, or as everyone who knew and loved her, Nannee. Although primarily a silk-screen artist, Nannee was an artist of many mediums. She was always exploring new ideas with metals, fabric, bamboo and leaves.

When we were young, my sister Collin and I spent our summers with our grandparents, Nannee and Papaw, in Dallas, Texas. Papaw had built a small studio on their property, and it was here that we spent most of our time, learning to paint and explore and laugh at our mistakes.

It was hot in Texas, but the studio was shaded by a huge Mimosa tree, creating fragrant shadows as we worked among the smells of oil, thinner, and paint. These are some of my most profound memories, where I first learned the joy of creating art among others. I take many life lessons from this studio, all of them under the protective shade of that majestic Mimosa tree. ” ~ Austin Raglione