Father’s Day

Father’s Day is right around the corner and Mimosa Studios has tons of great Father’s Day gift ideas to make his day a special one! We have fun pieces and mugs of all shapes and sizes.

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day?

One of the most popular Father’s Day gifts we help people create is pottery signed with a wee one’s hand or foot print. Dad’s love it and we can help you put hand and foot prints on any ceramic piece! A custom mug or plate painted by the kids is also a favorite — much more personal than a tie and it never goes out of style!

Does Dad have a favorite sports team? Is fishing or golf one of his hobbies? We’ll help you customize a mug to match whatever it is he loves most. And we’ll help you figure out the perfect handmade gift to fit your budget. Check out some examples below for ideas or visit our gallery for inspiration.